THE TOP 10 Lighting Trends of 2017

Firstly, some fads and fashion about lighting in 2017 –

As an owner of a small electrical company, not only do we install many different lights, we also specialise in electrical design and work closely with our owners to have them achieve the look they are after.

I treat every client differently. If they have their heart absolutely set on a certain light or style, i rarely tell them i don’t like where they are going with their look. The person that these new lights needs to impress are the home owners themselves, after all, they’re the one that has to live with it.

If these home owners are coming at me with an open mind, for my personal design advise, questioning what styles are popular or what lighting may help increasing the homes value, thats when I actually get excited!


Whites – They’ve always been in, and will be for many more years to come.

Blacks – This is a new trend, and can give any house that super modern edge. I fear it could be a bit of a trend that may faze out in the coming years, but i got on the wagon myself.

We’ve only scratched the surface on this, so check out a more detailed breakdown below.


Stainless steel – This is a very late 90′s, and 00′s look. By all means if you want your down lights to match your dishwasher go right ahead.

Surface mount Oyster lights – Everyone has these somewhere in there house. Wether it be a circular fluorescent , or a glass oyster. These are noting but an eye sore and a moth collector.

Dont get me wrong, there are heaps of other disgusting fittings out there that could potentially be lowering the value of your home.

We are more than happy to give you our FREE personal opinion and recommend some suggestions prior to the work. Do not hesitate to email us!


Because festoon sounds way classier than “party lights” right?  If you’re the social type and are going for a budget lighting solution outdoors these guys are worth considering.  Fairly low cost to purchase and very low cost to install.

We recommend making sure the globes you purchase are quality LED. These guys can swing around in the breeze and incandescent or halogen globes dont seem to last.


Glass fittings are commonly used in hallways and above kitchen benches. Get that pendant look with the illusion of keeping the house clutter free.

Great feature either side of a window or glass door. You’ll get that sophisticated effect without blocking the view. Glass and black trim seem to be majorly in this year.

Fairly easy to maintain, with the occasional dusting. If you’re like me and have a couple of kids running around, be sure to tell them to keep their hands off!


Hessian fabric is tough, natural and stylish. If you’re pushing that country look and want to do it on a budget this is something to consider.


Clean lines, hard surfaces are what make this a popular style. We like to call it “The all rounder”.

Something like this can be a great idea if you’re looking at selling.  It’s a versatile light that will suit if you’re a minimalist or like dressing up your home.

The Southampton look offers hints of the Americas. This range would suit both traditional City & Country homes.

Can be a little bit more involved to install with some of these domestic lights weighing unto 20kg.


Do you have a home with history? One of the most important things to remember when choosing your lighting is selecting a style that resonates with your home.

Usually more of a city look, these kind of lights are really easy to clean and maintain. True vintage fittings can walk the wallet so check out the chic replicas to save a packet!

This look goes well with a polished concrete floor, a fire place and a glass of red wine.  Rest assured, they will never go out of fashion!


Why spend all that time in the garden without being able to show it off 24 hours a day?

Lighting is not always about the fitting itself, rather the lighting it produces.

Garden lighting creates ambients and can double as a safety feature. Your friends might not have even noticed those Gazanias had it not been for those fantastic lights.

They now come in a range of colours, LED and are extremely easy to install. No trenches involved – Call us for a free quote!


If you live near the beach or away from the city like I do and want to extend that vibe, look at bringing this natural look into your home.

Wicker is a technique woven from any one of a variety of cane-like materials, including rattan, willow, reed and bamboo.

Keep the place breezy, light and calming. These come in all shapes and sizes and are a snack for us to install.


Your bathroom needs to be a place of relaxation. Somewhere to wash the stresses of everyday life away. Its almost impossible to find your inner-zen when its lit up like a hospital.

Yeah, we get that you need some bright lighting to see the dirt between your toes but creating that subtle, ambient effect can do you the world of good.


Bedside tables can be known as a dumping ground. Sometimes room to even put your coffee cup can be hard to find if there is a lamp on show.

The way around getting some bedside space back is to hang your lamps from the ceiling.

If these can be switched without moving from your bed you’re all set to get cosy with a book.

Ask us for advice on the perfect height to maximise practicality, and minimise disturbance to anyone on the other side of the bed.


For the ultimate beam angle and to maximise your lighting for a small cost, these guys are the most popular lights on the market.

Replacing surface mount lights with these little gems can really open up your room and make a place look bigger (and cleaner) that it once did.

Recessed and discrete these LED downlights can bring a wow factor to other statement pieces you might like to highlight.

With a growing trend of open-plan homes and the fact these guys next to no power – 9.5w, your not only giving your house clean lines, you’re saving the environment too, man!

With a 7 year warranty, why wouldn’t they take the mantle for the number one spot!  You can get these guys in Warm, Cool and also Natural light.

Just hit us up!

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